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High John the Conqueror: A Spirit of Power, Domination, and Success


John the Conqueror Roots in a set of wooden palm hands sold at bohemi chic in lauderhill florida


High John the Conqueror is a revered spirit in Native American folklore and hoodoo practices. This powerful spirit is believed to assist in overcoming unfavorable situations and welcomes power, protection, and success to the practitioner. He has been invoked to address issues, including male virility, court cases, gambling, and much more. This commanding and compelling spirit can gain treasures of all kinds yet transcends such mundane desires and issues.


Let’s talk about the origin of High John Root!


Legend has it that John the Conqueror was once the son of a king in the Congo. John and his father ruled their kingdom until he was sold into slavery in the Americas. John was no ordinary slave. He possessed many tricks up his sleeve and withheld an unyielding spirit which he was known for. He would constantly outsmart his slave masters and trick them with his abilities and trickster games. Eventually, he fell in love with a woman named Lilith, who happened to be the daughter of the Devil. John and Lilith had a beautiful relationship that her father was not fond of.

The Devil had intentions to kill John but made a deal that if John could accomplish his desire of completing nearly impossible tasks, he would not kill him. However, Lilith knew the true intentions behind her father’s motives and convinced John to run away with her. They stole the Devil’s horses and attempted to escape, and were almost caught until they shapeshifted and successfully escaped. Finally, they eloped back to Africa, and John left his mystical powers in the form of roots that he dispersed within the Americas to help other slaves escape the tortures of slavery.

The story is told in various forms. Some say he was never married to Lilith while others say he was. It varies on where or who the sorry was told by, but what coincides is that John’s spirit was so powerful and clever, that his energy is called upon when one seeks to overcome any situation and touch the hands of success.


High John’s Uses and Associations


Within Native American Folklore, the Iroqui Tribe worked with many herbs and roots, yet shared the power of High John Root, also known as “Ipomoea jalapa,” or ManRoot with slaves and other southern practitioners. It is a bulbous, thick, and dense brown root that possesses such power that not even a child should touch it! It says a man who carries the root in his pocket can carry two deers, and if he touches it before a fight, his strength has the power to critically injure or kill his enemy.

Diving into hoodoo and other practices, it is a bit different. This is a root of self-mastery, power and control, favor, and persuasion. One who carries the root is known to never lack a lover and constantly gains favor and luck in business and gambling matters. It is traditionally carried in red flannel and fed tobacco smoke and spiced rum or whiskey to feed the spirit of the root. You must pray to the spirit of John the Conqueror, not the root itself, as there is a difference between the two.

He is associated with several commonly noted things utilized within the spiritual community.

POLARITY: Masculine


PLANET: Mars and Jupiter

COLORS: Purple, Gold, Red

How to Work with His Energy


When working with this particular curio, rootworking is essential. This root contains a clever, commanding, and protective energy that many practitioners use in oils, candles, or as a talisman. If someone is not ready to work with the root directly but still wants to draw in his energy, several products can help invoke his power.

and much more.

All in all, on behalf of Bohemi Chic, we say to research and see all the bountiful ways you can work with his energy! It can be used for many things from attracting a lover to gaining luck and favor in financial situations! Be respectful to all spirits and learn about them thoroughly. See if they’re compatible with you and respect their needs and demands!

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Good Luck and Happy Manifesting!

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