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Spiritual Consultations, Tarot Readings and More!

Come and visit the most mystical shop in South Florida to experience one of our in person spiritual consultations, tarot readings, tobacco cleansings and 1 on 1 Spiritual Product classes conducted by the one and only Ms. Aqua! With over 25 years of experience and 3 initiations under her belt, she will ensure you walk away with an unforgettable experience and knowledge that you can carry throughout your life!

    Crystal Protection Ritual: A crystal protection ritual is a spiritual practice where practitioners use crystals like smoky quartz or clear quartz to create a protective energy shield. They cleanse the crystals, set their intention for protection, and place them around their space or carry them. The crystals help ward off negative energies and promote positivity.

    Tobacco Cleanse: Tobacco cleanses are a Native American spiritual practice involving the ceremonial use of tobacco to purify the mind, body, and spirit. Participants burn sacred tobacco, offering prayers and intentions to release negative energies. The smoke carries these away, promoting healing and spiritual clarity, fostering a deep connection with the divine.

    Spiritual Bath: A spiritual bath is a ritual where you cleanse your body and soul simultaneously. Typically done with special herbs, salts, or oils, it releases negative energy, promote positivity, and restore spiritual balance. As you soak, focus on intentions and let go of burdens, emerging refreshed and reconnected.

    Mojo Bag: A mojo bag is a small, charm-filled pouch used in various spiritual traditions, like hoodoo or voodoo. It typically contains herbs, crystals, and personal items to attract luck, protection, or specific energies. People carry or wear them as a tangible reminder of their intentions and beliefs, seeking positive outcomes.

    Dressed Intention Item; Dressing or fixing an item is a spiritual practice where practitioners imbue everyday objects with intention and meaning. By carefully adorning or repairing an item, they connect with their inner selves, infusing positive energy and significance into the object. It’s a way to align with one’s beliefs and foster mindfulness in the ordinary.

    Spiritual Consultation: Looking for guidance on your spiritual journey? Schedule time with Ms. Aqua to gain more insight. Ask personalized questions regarding your journey and Ms. Aqua will share her wealth of knowledge.

    Tarot Card Reading: In need of guidance from the spirit realm? A tarot card reading might be just the fix. Schedule 1:1 time with Ms. Aqua to get a reading using her Egyptian tarot card deck and receive insights on key topics you are interested in.

    Spiritual Product Consultation: Want to expand your knowledge on a specific product or practice? Schedule 1:1 time with Ms. Aqua  for personalized instruction on any product you’re seeking to learn more about.


    • Consultations are conducted IN PERSON ONLY. No Exceptions!


    • Full Prepayment required at the time of booking.


    • Full Refund within 24 hour cancellation policy.


    • You will receive an email confirmation after scheduling, 24 hours prior to your appointment you will receive a reminder email.


    • Please note Bohemi Chic is not responsible for incorrect emails, phone numbers, dates/times entered when scheduling your appointment.


    • If Bohemi Chic is unable to reach you with the information provided, reading pre-payments are NON- REFUNDABLE outside of 24 hour cancellation poilcy.


    • Need further assistance? Please send us an email  info@bohemichic.com with subject line ” Appointment Help” and we will follow up with you at our earliest convenience.

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