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For centuries, Tobacco has been a powerful herb utilized in various traditions worldwide due to its significance to the spiritual realm.

Tobacco smoke is used as an offering for the spirits. Utilized to have one’s vows sent and received by the spirits of the world, It is also used to summon and contact spirits to receive their blessings on whatever intended manifestation one is trying to invoke. Many practitioners use it to activate their herbs and statues and bring forth the essence of life within each product.

Tobacco carries the energy of Mars, strengthening its potency to invoke strong protection, banishing and cleansing, and favor in court cases.

Tobacco is fantastic for gamblers and those seeking dominance over any situation.

All herbs are 100% organic and ethically sourced.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nicotiana forgetiana



POLARITY: Masculine


Tobacco is a sacred plant traditionally used in Native American ceremonies. It has significant religious properties as it is very powerful in the world of metaphysics. It is smoked to communicate with the spirits of the earth and has one's vows sent beyond the mundane. While it may carry negative connotations in modern times, it remains an important symbol of communication, rebirth, and connection to the divine in ancestral traditions.

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