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Palo Santo Smudge Stick 4″

Palo Santo Smudge Stick is a wonderful smudging agent, warding off any negative, residual energies that may try to enter your personal space, as well as a physical space; like our homes, cars, or offices. Crystals can also be cleansed with Palo Santo’s powerful smoke.

Palo Santo can be used to (very carefully) smudge your clothing prior to getting dressed before an important meeting or interview, to bring in extra confidence and positive energy.

*Smudges are NOT a bundle as pictured, item sold individually.

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Palo Santo Smudge Stick is derived from South America and is commonly used in purification rituals. It’s name in English translates as “holy stick” and its’ use has been adapted by many cultures and traditions.

When burned, Palo Santo gives off a warming, nurturing scent with a hint of citrus. Its soft aroma brings peace to many, and the wood itself carries a high frequency that benefits us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

*Smudges are NOT a bundle as pictured, item sold individually.


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