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Mystic Intentions Oil

Enrich any spiritual item with the power of your essence using our mesmerizing “Mystic Intentions Oil,” a hand-crafted ritual oil for your every intent. Utilize it to anoint candles, petitions, ritual items, furniture, amulets, and other whimsical charms and uses in your practice.

Oils can be one of the essential tools used in your ritual space as it is a great way to charge items with energy and bring magical powers to them.

Instructions will be included with your purchase! Feel free to watch a more in-depth explanation of its powerful uses here!

Use daily or as needed until the bottle is finished.

Tap into your magickal gifts and use the oil in the best way that works for you! You are the mystic, and you set the intention!

*Oils are NOT bundled as pictured. Items are sold individually.


Bohemi Chic's "Mystic Intentions Oil" is the perfect all-purpose ritual oil. Dressed with essential oils, herbs, crystals, and more, it amplifies the power to draw money, attract your wishes, protect your energy, and much more! Its uniquely mesmerizing and mystical fragrance is magnetizing and produces favorable results! 

Utilize this oil as an anointing oil for all of your spiritual needs. It is used to attract wealth, love, and general blessings, but it is not limited to just those factors. The Mystic Intentions Oil is mighty in all that it draws in. Use only a drop in the palm and then rub it in well. A little goes a long way!

Small: Approximately 2 FL Oz.

Medium: Approximately 4 FL Oz.

Large: Approximately 8 FL Oz.

***No specific results are implied or guaranteed.***

DISCLAIMER: This product contains potential allergens. Bohemi Chic is not responsible for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. Consumers with skin sensitivities or allergies should not use the product. If one is in doubt or has sensitive skin, please conduct an allergy patch test. If at any time irritation occurs, discontinue the use of the product. Keep product away from eyes and face.

*Items are sold individually.



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