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Bohemi Chic Lucky Money Rice

Lucky, Lucky, Money! Our “Lucky Money Rice” is a Bohemi Chic classic!

A bowl of handmade, blessed intention rice charged with herbs, dollars, oils, and more to welcome luck, prosperity, and fortune to your journey!

Grab a small bag and incorporate it into your practices! Watch the luck, money, and opportunities accumulate.


"Show me the money!" that's the intention with this blessed rice. This variation of our Mystical Rice is all about the abundance of income, good luck, good fortune, financial breakthroughs, job opportunities and promotions, and so much more. Utilize this rice in your spiritual workings and let luck surround you.  Are you ready to bring home the money?


  1. Dress your candles
  2. Add to mojo bags
  3. Sprinkle in your wallet
  4. Sprinkle under your doormat
  5. Intentional Drawings
  6. Spell Jars

And so much more!

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