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Smokey Quartz Point Necklace

Smokey Quartz Point necklaces are a simple yet rustic way to style your favorite jewelry into your everyday wear.

Smokey Quartz is an intense crystal that alleviates sorrow from practitioners and brings them emotional strength and clarity. Popular among men, it brings personal strength and allows one to think before reacting in any situation. It aids in grounding the practitioner and draws in neutralizing properties for harmful energies.

Fantastic for those experiencing emotional difficulties, wanting protection, or needing help grounding one’s self and thinking before reacting.

***Product shipped may vary from display photo due to raw cut styles


In stock

The rope is 24" long and is a cotton material with a hook and loop attachment tied on it, reaching to standard chest level.

The crystal is 2" long and less than 1" wide.

Do not pull, tug, or place any excessive force on your necklace.

Cleanse and bless your necklace and set the intention you wish to invoke wearing this item.

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