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We are calling all our Lucky Girls and Boys to celebrate with us on expanding having a lucky mindset!

Only the luckiest customers know what it means to have a lucky spirit mindset, and it all starts here at Bohemi Chic!

Maintaining lucky energy is an all-day, everyday affair! It becomes a way of life by cultivating a lucky mindset. In the video, Arianna briefly explains the concept of a lucky mindset and recommends some products to attract this energy throughout the year.

Our crystal favorites:

Citrine – Associated with the lower three chakras, mostly the Solar Plexus chakra. A stone of wealth and manifestation. Improves financial situations and more. Promotes a happy disposition and a creative mind. Encourages one to look towards the sunrise. Brings comfort and optimism. Prevents nightmares.

Green Adventurine – Associated with the Heart Chakra. All around good luck stone. Promotes vitality, health, and growth. Increases perception and creativity. It enhances intelligence and speeds up the healing process. Amazing for manifestation and confidence.

We always mention that luck is abundant. To manifest this energy, you must have an open eye to notice and acknowledge it. Luck is found even in the smallest ways, such as being the first to wake up early and have a quiet house to yourself to even more grand scale things such as winning a lottery ticket scratch-off! Be grateful for all things that you experience that you think are “sheer luck” and watch as more lucky opportunities and experiences find their way to you and your family!

Be on the lookout for our next post regarding Fast Luck and Success and get our inside scoop of other top products we suggest for attracting good luck or reversing bad luck to good luck in your daily life!

Keep tabs on our Socials and feel free to contact us or visit us in-store to get things suited to your wishes and desires.

Good Luck and Happy Manifesting from Bohemi Chic!

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