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Happy 2024 Everyone!

It’s a new year, meaning new content is to be made! This year is all about stepping out of our comfort zone and reaching new realms, and that’s what we’re doing here at Bohemi Chic! We will be extending our content and making our own YouTube series: “Bohemi Chic Basics,” which will be short, insightful videos about spiritual tips, myths, and debunks!

One thing about us is that we love to ensure that our customers are educated throughout their spiritual journey and led in the right direction of things. Trying to find credible sources to get tips from as a beginner is intimidating, but we’re here to help! We also recommend not relying on just one source! Be versatile and open to many resources, especially elders, spiritual communities, and books.

There are different approaches to specific workings, traditions, and more, so do your research and take what resonates! Find what suits you best, but always be respectful!

In the meantime, stay posted on our daily Instagram posts, new content, and monthly themes! We are so excited to have the entire team share their knowledge, favorite tips, and more with the world of spirituality. We are all constantly accumulating knowledge worth sharing. Thank you for the endless support, and stay tuned for our first drop “Love, Love, Love” in February 2024! They will be linked here as well for everyone to enjoy. Good Luck and Happy Manifesting!

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