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Spring Cleaning Potpourri: A simple way to welcome blessings and harmony into the home

Bohemi Chic is utilizing the simplest things to create an amazing ritual for the seasonal new year: a spring cleaning potpourri!

What is a Potpourri?

A potpourri is a simmer pot filled with herbs, colognes, and other mystical curios to allow its scent to spread through the home and bless the space. Many practitioners take it up a notch and utilize the water in spiritual baths, sprays, and floor washes to increase potency and longevity to use every part of it effectively.

It is an easy and cost-effective way to use any old fruits, herbs, and other suitable ingredients in a spiritually beneficial way!

In the video, Lani explains her choice of herbs and their properties for her springtime potpourri. In her Selection she chose…


Lemon Peels: A refreshing citrus used for cleansing, love, positivity and happiness

Rosemary: A versatile herb used for almost anything! Fantastic for keeping away envy, drawing in love, protection, and knowledge

Eucalyptus: A purifying herb known for its cooling and fresh scent. Wards off evil, clears negative energy, and aids lung health.

Cinnamon: A Powerful spice known for its aphrodisiac qualities, money-drawing properties, and intoxicating scent.

Garden Sage: An herb of wisdom, power, and clarity. Favorable for any spiritual work involving mind and spirit factors.

Hyssop: A holy herb known for its powerful purification, uncrossing, and delivering qualities. Highly favorable for any protection workings and purification rituals.


As a reminder, you do not have to use only dried or fresh products! Please utilize what you have and be conscious of how you curate your recipes. Listen to your mentors/your intuition and use your spiritual discretion when creating beautiful simmer pots.


Remember to research and see what properties each ingredient has, other ways to use every part of your potpourri, and more! There’s valuable information everywhere and it will help you plan your next fantastic ritual.


Keep tabs on our Socials and feel free to contact us or visit us in-store to learn more about potpourri”s and more.

Good Luck and Happy Manifesting from Bohemi Chic!

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