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Black Santa Muerte Conjure Candle

The Alleged Unscented 7-Day “Santa Muerte” Candle is an offertory novelty candle used by devotees of Santa Muerte. It is used by those who wish to invoke her energy, cast a petition, or honor her through candle magic.

Santa Muerte, also known as La Santisima Muerte or Our Lady of Death, is a powerful feminine aspect of death. She originates from Mexican traditions and is honored for her versatile pathways and lack of judgment toward her devotees. Santa Muerte can be petitioned for almost every human desire, even those more unconventional than others.

She can help invoke protection, reverse or neutralize negative energy, attract good luck and fortune, aid in court cases, bring back lost love, curse enemies, and more.

  • Black: D.U.M.E., Protection, Reversals, Curses, etc.

Dressed Conjure Candle – A prepared and blessed candle that has undergone rituals based on specific intentions and prayers for the intended practitioner. It will be adorned with spiritual oils, herbs, powders, and other ingredients to amplify its benefits.

Standard Conjure Candle– No fixed preparation included, and can be used with intentions at your discretion.


The Alleged Unscented 7-Day "Santa Muerte" Candle is an offertory candle used by devotees of Santa Muerte. She is the spirit of death and works with many practitioners who need her help. She works expansively as she is petitioned for all kinds of rituals. She is neutral as a spirit, non-judgemental, and can help with even the most unconventional things. She is powerful and represents the cycle of life and death.

She is not a spirit to fear, as she can represent the death of cycles, habits, addictions, and relationships. Alternatively, she can resurrect them and bring life to new and bountiful ideals.

Like all spirits, be respectful, pay respects, and offer things in her best interest.


  • If selected, FIXED candles will be made to order. Fixed candles are blessed with a ritual, herbs, and oils
  • 8" Candle burns for approximately 150 hours
  • The image on the candle may vary
  • Candle-burning instructions will be included with your order

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