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Burdock Root

Burdock Root is known to be an effective natural cleanser for the mind, body, spirit, and soul and a powerful root for protection.

Many practitioners who follow holistic practices brew the root and leaves together in tea to help purify the blood and encourage diuretic activity in the body.

Within spirituality, Burdock Root is a strongly recommended cleansing herb and versatile root. Use for cleansing and purification rituals such as smoke cleanses and floor washes while invoking protection over yourself simultaneously. You can also spread the root pieces n the four corners of your home to promote constant cleansing and protection.

All herbs are 100% organic and ethically sourced.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Arctium lappa



POLARITY: Feminine



Our *edible herbs are safe for consumption but are sold for recreational and spiritual uses only. Consumer discretion is strongly advised.

Bohemi Chic advises that if you plan to utilize, mix, or process herbs with the intention of consumption or topical use, be mindful of possible interactions with other herbs, medications, and health conditions. We are not responsible for any reactions caused by any external sources.

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