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Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise, also known as Guinea Grains, are fantastic seedlings that are a staple in prosperity workings! These tiny seeds are so potent with the energies they carry, all associated with fortune in business, luck, home blessings, and more.

In holistic practices, grains of paradise are used a bit like ginger and cardamom. They are used to aid in digestion, increase sexual desire, and intensify dishes with a soft citrus note.

Within spirituality, Grains of Paradise is all about fortune and favor. Some practitioners put a few in their mouths and spit them out on favorable grounds to invoke luck and favor in their situations or carry some in their pockets or shoe to carry that energy of success alongside them. They are amazing for promoting wealth in a business or welcoming blessings to the home.

All herbs are 100% organic and ethically sourced.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Aframomum melegueta 







Our *edible herbs are safe for consumption but are sold for recreational and spiritual uses only. Consumer discretion is strongly advised.

Bohemi Chic advises that if you plan to utilize, mix, or process herbs with the intention of consumption or topical use, be mindful of possible interactions with other herbs, medications, and health conditions. We are not responsible for any reactions caused by any external sources.

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