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Graveyard Dirt

Graveyard dirt is a curio used within spirituality to cross, hex, protect or invoke energies for, against, or towards someone.

This variation is meant for all kinds of uses. It can bring about fertility, draw strong protection over oneself, keep away troubles, or cross someone very powerfully, depending on the intention of spellwork.

BE ADVISED: This is for practitioners who know exactly what they are doing and have extensively researched this product. NOT BEGINNER FRIENDLY. Mullein is a safer alternative for those willing to work with this energy yet are hesitant or lack access to graveyard dirt.


Using graveyard dirt as a curio should not be taken lightly. Be cognizant of your mindset and prepare your space to work with the energies within this product. Ensure to cleanse your space with a smoke bundle and holy water or Florida water or wash your hands with a rosemary infusion before AND after using the product.

Pair with an intention oil to amplify the potency and specific intention of the dirt:

Protection oil for strong protection and keeping away troubles

crossing oil for causing misfortune and bad luck

holy oil for divine protection and consecration of the dirt

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