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High John Root

High John Root is one of the most powerful and commonly known roots in spiritual communities. Within Native American Folklore, the Iroqui Tribe worked the power of High John Root, also known as “Ipomoea jalapa,” or ManRoot, and shared it among slaves and other southern practitioners. It is a bulbous, thick, and dense brown root with powers so strong that not even a child should touch it! It says a man who carries the root in his pocket can carry two deers, and if he touches it before a fight, his strength has the power to critically injure or kill his enemy.

This is a root of self-mastery, power, success, control, favor, and domination. It is known as the root of a man because of its ability to improve male virility, attraction, and strength. One who carries the root is known to never lack a lover and constantly gains favor and luck in business, love, legal, and gambling matters. It is traditionally carried in red flannel and fed tobacco smoke and spiced rum or whiskey to feed the spirit of the root.

Within holistic practices, this root is a powerful laxative. We do not recommend anyone to utilize this herb in any way of consumption.

This root is fantastic in lucky hands/mojo bags and other rituals! When paired with Low John Root it intensifies its powers and brings success, strong protection, and even hex-breaking qualities over the practitioner. Highly recommended when seeking to draw immense power towards yourself, domination, love drawing, and money matter rituals.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ipomoea jalapa

PLANET: Mars and Jupiter


POLARITY: Masculine


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Our *edible herbs are safe for consumption but are sold for recreational and spiritual uses only. Consumer discretion is strongly advised.

Bohemi Chic advises that if you plan to utilize, mix, or process herbs with the intention of consumption or topical use, be mindful of possible interactions with other herbs, medications, and health conditions. We are not responsible for any reactions caused by any external sources.

Learn more about High John here!

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