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Large Aluminum Cauldron

Large Aluminum Cauldron (5″x4″) – smudge burner – cauldron incense burner – aluminum cauldron – incense holder

Aluminum Cauldron, ideal for smudging, incense burning, ritual purpose, decoration, candle holder.

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This Classic style Aluminum Cauldron is the perfect addition to your altar, burning ritual or magickal practices. Not only do they make great decor, but they can be used for creating black salts, burning resins, incense and more.

Each cauldron has been crafted, a visible seam is normal.  Please allow for slight imperfections, as each cauldron has been hand finished.  Minor bumps aren’t defects, but character marks.  These cauldrons have been designed for ritual use only.  Not food safe.

When burning charcoal, resin, incense , etc do not leave cauldron unattended.

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