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“Pointed to the Divine” Amethyst Cluster

This Amethyst showpiece is a favorite among those who love a more refined design with their pieces. It is pointed with precision, preserving each crystal formation with it. It takes a lighter approach with the values of purple it demonstrates. It glimmers effortlessly and is equally powerful as it is beautiful.

Amethyst is a stone of sobriety, peace, and spirituality. Many practitioners new to crystal magick or the realm of metaphysics recommend this crystal as it helps with one’s intuitiveness, connection to spirit, and peace to the mind, body, and spirit. It is used in dream work and helps with spiritual insight and guidance. It helps with cleansing the home and keeping harmony and peace.

Place in any room for its soothing and peaceful effects, the bedroom is best for dreamwork qualities.

Recommended for those wanting to heighten their intuitiveness, to reduce anxiety, and to help welcome peace and security to oneself.

  • Chakra Association: Third Eye


In stock

User Disclaimer: Not for Children, Pets, or Foul Play. Fragile Item.

Be cautious of the placement and accessibility of this product as it can cause damage or impose danger if improperly handled.

Do not allow children or pets to access this product without adult supervision.

Do not engage in foul play or use this item in ways that can harm the self or others. User Discretion is advised.

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