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Bohemi Chic Protection Rice

Keep your guard up with our forceful “Protection Rice,” A mystical rice that withholds the energy to increase protection from spiritual attacks and more!

This rice pairs well with protection from harm, evil eye, or any ritual requiring protection.

Incorporate this rice where you know extra protection is desired and to be expanded upon, whether it be spellwork or general defense.

Allow yourself to be a barrier of safety, security, and comfort in all aspects of your life using this powerful product.


Protect your space and energy with our divinely blessed "Protection Rice," A handmade, blessed intention rice that will aid you in your protection rituals and spellwork. Protection pairs well with everything, so don't be shy to add a bit of security in all that you do.


  1. Dress your candles
  2. Add to mojo bags
  3. Sprinkle in your wallet
  4. Sprinkle under your doormat
  5. Intentional Drawings
  6. Spell Jars

And so much more!

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