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Queen of the Meadow

Queen of the Meadow, also known as Meadowsweet, is a sweetening herb known for its lucky and favorable properties. This herb attracts love, happiness, and peace wherever it is used. It can bring forth lucky matters in bingo and games of chance and even attract short-lived, passionate, and fun affairs.

When utilizing the flower, it is added to bridal bouquets and fragrances to attract a woman’s soulmate. It increases female confidence and attractiveness and can boost one’s sexual morale. It is often used to calm a woman down from her anxieties and fears so she may open up and become present again.

Use within spells of luck, happiness, peace, and womanly strength.

All herbs are 100% organic and ethically sourced.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Filipendula ulmaria

PLANET RULER: Venus and Jupiter

ELEMENT: Water and Air

POLARITY: Feminine



Our *edible herbs are safe for consumption but are sold for recreational and spiritual uses only. Consumer discretion is strongly advised.

Bohemi Chic advises that if you plan to utilize, mix, or process herbs with the intention of consumption or topical use, be mindful of possible interactions with other herbs, medications, and health conditions. We are not responsible for any reactions caused by any external sources.

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