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“Layers of Quartz” Smokey Quartz Cluster

This stunning smokey quartz showpiece is illustrious, with beautifully clustered formations, varying hues and intensities of inclusions, and naturally precise points and designs.

Smokey Quartz is an intense crystal that alleviates sorrow from practitioners and brings them emotional strength and clarity. Popular among men, it releases buried emotions and allows one to think before reacting in various circumstances. It aids in grounding the practitioner and draws in neutralizing properties for harmful energies.

Place this crystal to the north of the home to clear out stagnant energy or in areas that require focus and stability, such as an office, studio, or bedroom.

Recommended for those experiencing emotional difficulties, wanting clarity, or needing help grounding one’s self and thinking before reacting.

  • Chakra Association: Root

*cushion not included


In stock

User Disclaimer: Not for Children, Pets, or Foul Play. Fragile Item.

Be cautious of the placement and accessibility of this product as it can cause damage or impose danger if improperly handled.

Do not allow children or pets to access this product without adult supervision.

Do not engage in foul play or use this item in ways that can harm the self or others. User Discretion is advised.

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