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Star Anise

Star Anise are lucky spices that carry protective and fortunate energies in each piece!

In holistic practices, star anise is used within dishes to bring forth a taste similar to cinnamon and cardamom. It is fantastic for its antibacterial properties and has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels for those experiencing trouble with managing it. It is filled with many vitamins and minerals to assist the body with its daily doses.

Within spirituality, star anise is a lucky amulet that brings forth luck and protection from the psychic world. Many practitioners carry some with them for good luck or to keep away evil aye and bring awareness to themselves. They promote personal power and abundance as well.

It is fantastic for money drawing, fast luck, and protection rituals, especially when paired with allspice, cinnamon, or oranges.

All herbs are 100% organic and ethically sourced.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Illicium verum


ELEMENT: Jupiter

POLARITY: Masculine



Our *edible herbs are safe for consumption but are sold for recreational and spiritual uses only. Consumer discretion is strongly advised.

Bohemi Chic advises that if you plan to utilize, mix, or process herbs with the intention of consumption or topical use, be mindful of possible interactions with other herbs, medications, and health conditions. We are not responsible for any reactions caused by any external sources.

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